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The main difference is the regular license is only about FREE distribution (no charge) and the Extended license can SELL (charge) for your END-users.

To understand easily, you should choose the Regular License if your end product is distributed for free, and choose the Extended License if your end product is sold to the end customer.

SaaS is available for Extended license

No, there is no mobile app. However, Stackposts can work equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

Please open the ticket here to get support detail from our developer team

You also can contact us via email: [email protected]

Yes. Stackposts does.

When you buy our scripts you will have Documents that help you install by yourself. We do not support Installation on your Server, Hosting, domain issues.

If you need our developer team to install the scripts for you, you can hire us here.

Yes, it does. Team Member Module will help you set roles for your teammates.

We recommend UBUNTU Server from CONTABO that will be easier to upgrade later with the minimum specifications for beginning:

- 8GB/ 4CPU
- 160GB SSD Disk
- 5TB Transfer

Note: Please Do not use VESTACP and HESTIA because Hestia or Vestacp Server will automatically change file Nginx or APACHE config about 1 -2 days for default so the API domain will stop working.

Currently, Waziper uses a WhatsApp API client that connects through the WhatsApp Web browser app.

With Waziper no need to buy Official Whatsapp API and install Waziper on your server to create API. API is created and installed on your server. All just need your server to run and no need for third-party.

The standalone version, which you can use independently.
A Module for Stackpost, which you need to buy the Stackposts Main Script first to add other modules.

No, you can use Stackposts only for posting on Facebook groups where you are an admin.

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